About Us

Our Story

While studying Psychology at Seneca college Aggie began finding interest in general health and wellness often realizing it was what we put into our body that contributed to the mood and overall health of the average person. Over the next few years she attended several seminars and courses on nutrition, herbs and homeopathy to expand her skillset. Along with her psychology background, Aggie began sharing her expertise with people on good health, diet, exercise and using supplements through various informational seminars.

“Taking ownership of one’s health and being an active participant in self-healing has always been important to me.”

In May of 1999 she realized her dream of opening a Health supplement store in Jackson’s Point leading to what we all know as The Health Hut – Georgina and surrounding area’s quintessential location for our everyday health.

About Aggie

Aggie Marche is now a familiar face to many of us in the area. If you want to make improvements in your overall health and well-being pop in and see Aggie, she’s always there to offer her expert advice! Not only is Aggie an expert in Vitamins, supplements and other natural health products but she is a certified Reflexologist, an active member of Keswick Presbyterian church and local women’s groups and someone who actually cares about the wellbeing of her clients.

“I thoroughly enjoy working and talking with people about good health choices. I’ve always been passionate about, and an advocate of, Good Health Naturally.”

An active community member Aggie has always given back. A regular participant in the Home&Wellness shows she has also sponsored local events like The Jacksons Point Car club, The Outdoor Market at the Link, our Sutton Santa Claus Parade and most recently Yoga-in-the-park during summer months.

Our Philosophy

Good Health Naturally: It can’t get any simpler than that. Too often these days people run to the pharmacy to fix problems that they can address naturally. It is my hope that I can educate and help facilitate our clients search for better health, enriched relationships and a more enjoyable life.